The Haunted Hotel

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Brother Jim rises to the challenge of spending a night in the haunted hotel. How will he fare?

Soon after lying on the couch in the hotel lobby I was asleep. But in the middle of the night I was roused by a great noise. When I had fully woken up I saw that there were nine hideous devils in the lobby. They had made a ring around me and were dancing all around.

I said, “”Go ahead and dance all you want, only don’t any of you come too near.” But the devils kept crowding closer and closer and almost stepped on my face with their nasty feet.

“Take it easy there, you devilish ghosts,” I said, but they carried on worse than ever. I got angry and cried, “Now then, I”m going to get me a little peace and quiet here.” Then I grabbed a chair and swung it at them. But nine devils against one soldier are too many, and while I was hitting the ones in the front, the ones behind me grabbed me and pulled me mercilessly by the hair.

“Now I’ve had enough! Just you wait! Into my knapsack, all nine of you!” I cried.

Whoosh! They all went into my knapsack and I buckled it and threw it into a corner. All of a sudden there was quiet. I laid down and slept till the bright morning sun.

Thursday: “Whackin’ dem Devils!”

The Adventures of Brother Jim based on the story “Brother Gaily” from The Juniper Tree and Other Tales from Grimm.

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